Animals in Magick

Here is a listing of many common animals and the general properties associated with them. You can also use this list as an aid when deciphering dreams, omens, shapes in tea leaves, etc.

Alligator : aggression, survival, adaptability

Ant : team player, worker

Armadillo : active, nocturnal, protection

Bat : guardian of the night, cleaner

Bear : power, adaptability

Bear Paw : strength, mobility

Beaver : builder, gatherer

Bobcat : fierce, loner, intensity

Buffalo : sacredness, life builder

Bull : strength, warning

Butterfly : metamorphosis, carefree, transformer

Camel : weary, enduring

Cat : independence, grace, healing

Cougar : leadership, courage

Cow : patience, stoicism

Coyote : prankster, insight, playful

Crane : solitude, independence

Deer : love, gentleness, kindness

Dog : loyalty, protection

Dolphin : kindness, play, bridge man to ocean

Dragonfly : flighty, carefree

Eagle : divine spirit, connection to creator

Elephant : long life, self : preservation

Elk : strength, agility, freedom

Fox : cunning, provider, intelligence

Frog : connection with water element

Giraffe : watchfulness, mobility

Goat : stubborn, omnivorous

Gorilla : brute strength, adaptibility

Goose : faithful, communicative, traveler

Grizzly Bear : hunter, nature’s pharmacist

Hawk : messenger, stopper of time

Hippo : linking water and earth, survival

Horse : stamina, mobility, strength

Hummingbird : messenger, stopper of time

Kangaroo : feisty, funloving

Lion : power, strength, respect

Lizard : conservation, agility

Loon : solitude, song, romance

Manatee : peaceable, unassuming

Monkey : playfulness, agility

Moose : headstrong, unstoppable, longevity

Mouse : timid, secretive, sneaky

Orca : focus, power

Ostrich : fickle, fast moving

Otter : laughter, curiosity, truth, patience

Owl : wisdom, perseverance

Panda : playful, kindness

Pelican : ever watchful, grace

Penguin : playful, loving

Pheasant : confidence, attraction, perseverance

Pig : intelligence, hunger

Polar Bear : fearlessness, power

Quail : sacred spiral, ceremonial, Holy

Rabbit : alertness, resourceful

Raccoon : bandit, shy, determination

Ram : new beginning, teacher, hoarder

Raven : trickster, mischievous

Rhino : durability, strength

Road Runner : speed, agility, cleverness

Salmon : instinct, persistence, determination

Seahorse : confidence, grace

Shark : hunter, survival

Skunk : wary, conspicuous, intense

Snake : shrewdness, transformation

Spider : creative, pattern of life

Squirrel : trusting, innocence

Swan : grace, balance, festive

Turkey : smart, elusive

Turtle : self : contained creative source

Water Buffalo : enormous strength, hard working

Whale : wisdom, power, cleanser

Wolf : loyalty, success, perseverance

Wolf Paw : freedom, success, guidance

Zebra : family oriented, alertType your paragraph here.